In September 2020, workshop №7 was established to provide the plant.
A young and active team was engaged in the design of production sites, creating packaging for the plant's products, creating exhibition stands, etc.
In 2022 it became clear that we had gained good experience, and it was time to enter the open market. At the moment we are providing services to small, medium and large enterprises and are developing our own product line, some of which is already being sold on marketplaces.
Machine park
CNC milling machine with dimensions of 2x4m and spindle power of 7.5 kW
Laser cutting machine with 1x1.6 m dimensions and 100 W laser tube
Laser marker with the size of the working area of 300x300 mm and the transmitter power of 20 W.
Decor items
Individual package
Interior decor items
Russia, the Republic of Bashkortostan,
Ishimbay town, Bogdan Khmelnitskogo street, 2
Commercial director
+7 996 400-91-20

Kirill Igorevich Danilin