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Our History

The history of the plant is quite interesting and began back in 1901 in Baku.
Since the times of the Russian Empire and until the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the plant worked in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and only because of the threat of losing the Caucasus, all the equipment of the plant together with the 745 employees were evacuated to the Bashkir town of Ishimbay, where the plant for many years became a leading city-forming enterprise, a platform for the development and production of the latest equipment for the Soviet oil industry at the time.
In 2014, the IMZ was bankrupted and soon went under the hammer. The plant's capacity was sold off, and the remaining equipment was sold as scrap metal, part of the plant's buildings and grounds were turned into ruins.
In 2019, a team of specialists, not indifferent to the history of a large enterprise, began the process of restoring the production capacity of the plant, were connected communications: electricity / water, gas, heating. The restoration process proceeded at a fast pace, after a small amount of time high-tech equipment was purchased, including CNC machines. Thanks to the design documentation stored in the archive, it was decided to create a design bureau. People of different professions, who learned about the restoration of the plant began to come from different regions of Russia to participate in the continuation of history.
The goal of our team is to restore the plant to its former business vitality. To attract prospect-seeking specialists who are eager to create a common cause. To get the full opportunity to benefit from the results of their own work and to develop together with our company.
Our doors are open to everyone!
Production facilities
The area of the land plot occupied by the facilities of IMZ LLC at the moment is 11 110 m².
The total area of an industrial building (3 floors) as of today makes 11 556 m².
The area of the involved capacities of the plant at the present moment is 6104 m².
The task of OOO Ishimbay Machine-Building Plant (LLC) is to use all the area of the industrial building
  • At the moment the number of employees of the company is 78 people. The organizational structure
  • LLC "Ishimbay Machine-Building Plant" includes the following departments:
  • administrative,
  • design,
  • financial-economic,
  • logistical
  • engineering and technical,
  • marketing department,
  • sales and marketing department,
  • department for optimization and automation of production processes,
  • workshop No1 (Production of oilfield equipment),
  • workshop No2 (production of hoisting units -UPA, agricultural machinery, etc.)
  • Shop №7 (production of promotional and souvenir products),
  • medical goods production shop,
  • aviation-technical department,
  • security service.
The plant is included in the list of organizations-manufacturers of vehicles of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (Code 8430 41 000 1, 8716 20 000 0). Welding process and equipment used in the production are certified according to the program of the national welding control agency in accordance with the requirements of RD 03-615-03 and RD 03-614-03.
Design bureau of the plant develops products in different fields: oil-gas equipment, ultra-light aviation, medical products, agricultural machinery, etc., and has a number of patents. All products of the plant are certified.
Personnel of OOO Ishimbay Machine-Building Plant is properly trained and certified on fire safety, electrical safety, health and safety including the use (application) of personal protective equipment, first aid for victims, work at heights; on industrial safety. The company has developed and implemented a quality management system in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015).
Stages of development
  • 2019 year
  • 2020 year
  • 2021 year
  • 2022 year
  • 2023 year
At this stage, the repair and renewal of the
workshops . The garbage was removed, the premises were cleaned, gas, heating and electricity were connected.
Tasks related to the continuation of the main activities of the oldest enterprise in Ishimbay were defined.
At this stage specialists were involved and high-tech equipment was purchased. A stand for installation of electric centrifugal pump was launched.
The plant began to provide services on individual orders, and also took part in the specialized exhibition "GAS.OIL.TECHNOLOGIES".
At this stage, the equipment of the workshops with high-tech equipment was continued. A design bureau was created on the basis of the preserved archive. Stand for static and dynamic testing of drilling rigs and units was developed. The first produced semi-trailer of 122012 series was shipped to the customer.
At this stage, all developed prototypes have passed the certification process, and the first batch of rope rod couplings has been produced and shipped. A prototype of a medical wheelchair for
handicapped people and UPA-80. The plant took part in the international specialized exhibition "AgroComplex", received a diploma of II degree and was awarded a silver medal.
Today the plant has a large staff of qualified specialists, has several workshops with high-tech equipment, cooperates with reliable partners and sets high goals for the future.
Our advantage is our "integrative method" approach which involves a set of techniques and operations that constitute a holistic system that positively affects the end result with a periodic synergy effect.
All manufactured serial and small-scale products will be guaranteed to be accompanied by a full service.
Service includes delivery and replacement of spare parts, warranty obligations, delivery of spare parts, maintenance, establishment of OOO Ishimbay Machine-Building Plant warehouse on the territory of the customer.
Certificates and patents
OOO Ishimbay Machine-Building Plant is accredited according to the standards of international organizations, has all necessary permits